We design and program Blockchains and related Tokens as part of innovative business projects, with the specific function decided at the beginning. We can analyze and manage the progress of the project as a general contractor, evaluating and coordinating various and crucial aspects: technical part, fiscal/administrative part, and marketing part.


We provide a notarization service that demonstrate proof of the existence of a digital document in a specific date, guaranteeing that it cannot be modified later. Product available on four different layers:
a) Software usage from the B-Notary portal for the notarization of a document;
b) Purchase of the software;
c) Purchase of the software with configuration;
d) Software upgrade to tracking and/or automation system.


We offer our customers complete coverage from threats related to cybersecurity, on our products and for the customer’s infrastructure. Our intervention can be delivered in 3 phases:


Analysis and complete protection from cyber attacks on blockchains on our servers on the client’s server we propose an on-site audit to analyze the infrastructure and propose any actions to be taken to protect against internal and external threats.


Bcademy offers an IT Security Assessment Service, in accordance with ISACA (Information Systems Audit Standards and Guidelines).
Our methodology is based on planning activities in four phases:

  • PLANNING: to obtain an Audit Charter from the client.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT: in a risk based audit approach we not just rely on risks but also on internal and operational controls as well as knowledge of the Organisation. The IS Audit Plan consider all the potential weaknesses and/or absence of Controls and needs to understand the Client’s Business Environmental and Operations, identifing for each of the sub-processes the existing threats, the Key Activities, the impact/ effect of the lack of control and the likelihood of the occurring threat.
  • AUDIT PROCEDURE: we develop an audit program detailing the nature, timing and extent of the audit procedures, planning various Controll Test involving enviromental threat, human threats and technical controls.
  • REPORTING: upon the performance of the audit test, we produce an appropriate report communicating the result of the IS Audit, maintaining Confidentiality for 2 year from the Agreement.


Scheduled tests to check for any IT infrastructure vulnerabilities

  • WHITE BOX: carried out in the company, with company passwords, for quality control of the code
  • GREY BOX: carried out in the company, without password, to check the efficiency of the protections in place
  • BLACK BOX: simulation of an external attack, to highlight any flaws in the IT infrastructure system

Bcademy uses an Open Standard Technologies (OSSTMM) approach capable of producing measurable and quantifiable results, analyzing all aspects of the infrastructure: information, processes, networks, communication channels, human resources.


Proof of Concept, White Paper, tax analysis and all the technical documents necessary to start and develop a blockchain based project

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