Trading and Saving

A whole day to learn tools and principles useful for investing in the world of crypto assets. Competent and well prepared teachers will explain how to evaluate projects and tokens, how to analyze trends of main cryptocurrencies, ecc.


Principles of technical analysis. Cyclical analysis and application to financial markets: pros and cons.
Adaptation of cyclic analysis to cryptocurrency markets.
Historical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other main Altcoins.
Proven validity of the application of cyclical analysis to the main cryptocurrencies.
Other technical analysis tools useful for cryptocurrency markets.
Forecasts for the coming months.
Evaluate tokens as an investment. Definition and types of tokens.
Utility or security token? Token as an alternative to fundraising.
Three fundamental principles for evaluating a token.
Successful tokens and failed tokens.
How to access the best deals.
Today’s market cap and forecasts for the future.


Acquire the skills necessary to enter the world of cryptocurrency, tokens and asset over blockchains trading in order to assess the risk with greater awareness.


Federico Izzi, financial analyst.

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