Tax and Law

The Tax and Law workshop aims to provide participants with the basic notions of the Bitcoin universe and blockchain technologies, as well as their functioning from a practical point of view. This course correctly frames cryptocurrency paradigm shift into the legal level and consequently the tax law.


The workshop is structured in three parts:

The first part analyzes the non-European legislation (i.e. USA and Canada) and European legislation, in particular will be examined the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, 22 October 2015, case C-264/14; then will be analyzed Bitcoin according to the Italian legislation, from the point of view of the DPR 633/72 and the DPR 917/1986.

The second part analyzes the 2016 resolution n.72/E of the Italian IRS and the impact of the new legislation on anti-money laundering (Legislative Decree 90/2017)./p>

The third part focuses on the correct accounting in a company, on the taxation of the capital gains and on the related RW model.


At the end of the course the participants will have acquired the basic skills necessary to face the juridical and fiscal aspect of the crypto world, as well as the essential information to stay up to date in a constantly evolving environment. Participants will also be given the material analyzed during the course and the Bcademy student kit.


Federica Franchi, accountant

Stefano Capaccioli, accountant

Giorgio Maria Mazzoli, jurist

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