Privacy: Theory and practice beyond the GDPR


To utilize Bitcoin and blockchain based technologies, it’s important to learn how to effectively protect privacy. This course is aimed to teach how to do so while using some free and open-source lT tools.
The course is divided into two parts: the first part will address the notion of privacy, how governments relate to it, and an introduction to the “Tails” operating system will be given. In the second part PGP (encryption of emails, text and files )and VeraCrypt (encryption of volumes and plausible deniability) will be analyzed, and introductory notes on the relationship between Privacy and Bitcoin will be provided.


The course aims to provide some basic tools to improve privacy and security of your business, which are also a prerequisite for any operations involving cryptocurrencies. The course also aims to provide essential informations to stay up to date on a very interesting subject.
Participants will also be provided with the material analyzed during the course, the Bcademy student kit and two USB sticks: one with a copy of the latest version of the Tails operating system and the other for its backup (which will be done during the course).
Participants are required to bring their computers and an additional empty USB stick.


Giovanni Birindelli, investor, scholar, writer

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