Business Model Over Blockchain


The course is divided into multiple days and is structured with both theoretical and practical approaches. Starting from the famous Business Model Generation, the elements that constitute a business model are tackled step by step. Getting into practice, and before proposing a categorization of business models involving blockchains, a real business model is built in group work simulations (i.e. how to launch a start-up). Later, by analyzing various case studies, participants are introduced to the categorization of blockchain based business models with the dual purpose of (a) fully understand the potential of linking a business to blockchain technology, and (b) debating and possibly optimizing the business model built during the simulation (and if relevant, presenting it to potential investors).


a) Transfer the basic and advanced technical knowledge to understand the functioning of Bitcoin starting from its constituent elements: decentralization and digital scarcity, cryptography and privacy, game theory and consensus.
b) Transfer the basic and advanced knowledge to understand the functioning of Bitcoin with respect to the technologies involved: Open Source Software, P2P network, Digital Signature, Proof of Work, Blockchain.
c) Transfer the technical skills for setting the basic technology to access the Bitcoin network.
d) Transfer the technical skills to understand if and which of the technologies underlying Bitcoin can integrate into your business.
e) Transfer the basic knowledge to stay up to date in the cryptocurrency environment (i.e. side-chain, off-chain, altcoins).


Francesco Simoncelli, economist

Guido Giuseppe Pascotto,business modelling over blockchain

Alessio Salvetti,business modelling over blockchain

Lia Correzzola,business modelling over blockchain

Diego Di Tommaso, senior Analyst and Advisor

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