Bitcoin for beginners


The course is structured in two parts and expires in a day.
In the first part of the day the phenomenon of cryptocurrency is illustrated, contextualizing it from a historical, economic and social point of view with a technical in-depth analysis on the essential aspects of the background technology (i.e. nodes, transactions, miner, blockhain, open source software, network peer-to-peer, digital signatures, proof of work).
In the second part of the day the practical aspects related to the purchase, custody and transmission of cryptocurrency are examined: from the download to the setting of a secure wallet, from the creation of an account on an exchange to the aspects related to the pratctical transaction.


The aim of the course is to transmit the basic knowledge to contextualize the phenomenon of cryptocurrency in the current social, political and economic reality. The structure and functioning of the Bitcoin ecosystem will also be analyzed and information will be provided on the essential skills to move safely in the setting of the technology needed to access the Bitcoin network, as well as to pass on the competences to manage the sale and safekeeping of Bitcoin independently and in security.
All participants will be provided with a guide to deepen the topics covered during the day which includes all the texts contained in the slides illustrated during the lessons.


Francesco Simoncelli, economist

Guido Giuseppe Pascotto, business modelling over blockchain

Lia Correzzola, business modelling over blockchain

Marco Cavicchioli, populizer

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