Bitcoin e Blockchain Executive

The aim of the course is to transmit the fundamental knowledge to contextualize the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and to raise awarness regarding the multiplicity of the aspects that constitute it. The basic concepts for understanding Bitcoin and blockchain technology will also be transmitted, also combined with the skills to move safely in the setting of the technology needed to access the Bitcoin network. It will also be transmitted the knowledge to autonomously and safely manage the sale, custody and use of Bitcoin in everyday life. The course comprises an in-depth analysis of the business models “over” blockchain.


The course addresses all aspects of cryptocurrency and is structured according to three modules:

1) Contextualization of the phenomenon through the analysis of monetary, historical and economic aspects. In this phase particular attention is devoted to technical aspects (i.e. decentralization and open source software; users and peer-to-peer network; digital transactions and signatures; mining; distributed consent and proof of work; immutability of transactions).

2) After having dealt with the functioning of the Bitcoin system, the methods of setting up and using blockchain technologies in everyday life will be analyzed (i.e. through which channels and in what ways to buy a cryptocurrency and how to store and spend it).

3) The methods of integrating blockchain technologies in a business model of your own and a deepening of the business models “over” blockchain will be discussed.


At the end of the course students will have learned all the essential knowledge to understand and navigate the universe of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. They will be able to integrate them into their business models or develop new ones. Students will also have the tools to stay up to date with crypto world’s evolution and c0ompletely aware of the legal/fiscal concerned.


Francesco Simoncelli, economist

Guido Giuseppe Pascotto,business modelling over blockchain

Alessio Salvetti,business modelling over blockchain

Lia Correzzola,business modelling over blockchain

Diego Di Tommaso, senior Analyst and Advisor

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