Bitcoin and Blockchain Setting and Coding

A path through the discovery of blockchain based technologies. Basic level programming. Introduction to the world of programming. Set-up of the necessary development environment and first interactions with the code. Basic cryptography concepts. Smart contract. Course dedicated to developers and aspiring developers.


The course is designed for aspiring programmers in the world of blockchain-based technologies. It consists of 4 weeks of full time interactive and practical face-to-face classes to optimize time and maximize learning. Starting from the contextualisation of the phenomenon and the functioning of Bitcoin, BSC continues with the set-up of the necessary development environment and the first interactions with the code, addressing the main features of programming language, in particular Python, and the features that make it extremely powerful (i.e. its libraries and modules). After deepening cryptography applied to cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, participants will study smart contracts and their scripting language.


The aim of the course is to transfer the fundamental knowledge to contextualize the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and the multiplicity of aspects that constitute it. Starting from the basics, appropriate tools to become blockchain based technology programmers will be provided, thanks to a direct, personalized and interactive training.


Marco Serafino, developer, UI/UX

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