How Bcademy Network works?

Bcademy Network is the first global network for training and consultancy on the cryptocurrencies and blockchain based technologies. In the first year of activity, Bcademy was able to identify itself on the market with efficacy and reliability, eliminating the background noise that still characterizes this sector, and providing validated and effective information to its stakeholders. These features led to the creation of the first decentralized network dedicated to cryptocurrency training and consulting on blockchain-based technologies, to put the skills of the best minds who approached Bcademy seeking a collaboration into a system.

Network Status

The headquarters of the Bcademy Network is Pordenone.
The first “node” is Bcademy Milano, born from the collaboration between established managers and popularizers in the cryptocurrency field, while another 4 “nodes” are being defined.
The Network is constantly growing and is open to those wishing to promote the spread of this sector.

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Our Partners


BHB Network

Nurtures the strongest community of experts providing enterprises with the skills to understand and use bitcoin and blockchain technology



An innovative company that develops professional projects, products and services for the use of bitcoin and blockchain technology



Through meetings, discussion, training, advice and assistance, aims to indicate the route in the legal and tax field regarding cryptocurrencies


Satoshi Design

Marketing and communication



Owner of the brand Comproeuro, selling bitcoin


Poseidon Group

Invests worldwide in companies that develop, test and deliver solutions to evolve the status quo of the financial system


Economia del Consenso Necessario

Ethic and economics

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