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Bcademy is the first international network devoted to person training and consultancy in the cryptocurrency and blockchain based technology sector.
Knowledge and skills on cryptocurrency and blockchain based technologies, which started with the birth of Bitcoin, will become a condicio sine qua non for individuals and companies eager to grow in an increasingly digital market. We help companies and people not to fall behind.
We built a real Academy on cryptocurrency and blockchain based technology to fill a gap: the need of an entity able to nourish individuals and companies with knowledge, skills and specialization. And we think that face to face teaching and consultancy is the best way to achieve this goal in the shortest time.



Bcademy Network is thus becoming a distributed place where citizens, companies and institutions can find validated informations, to understand better and faster how to add value to their lives and business with this new technology. Mirroring the paradigm shift that the birth of Bitcoin has represented, we replicate our vision and mission inside a decentralized network, where Bcademy “central” has the role of support and harmonize the other “nodes” of the Network, supported by the Advisory Board and the Scientific Committee.
The possible phases of consultancy are:

  • Analysis of technical, legal and economic-social specifications of blockchain technologies
  • Analysis of “over blockchain” projects and integration with the current business model strategy
  • Development of the specific business model

Nowadays there are many blockchain based projects over the globe, fighting each other to establish the standard upon which all applications will be built. In logistics and supply chain management (invoicing and payments, dispute settlement), in banking, all kind of financial services, real estate, automotive, food industry etc…, companies are exploring the advantages of decentralized and distributed ledger, looking for the delicate equilibrium between economics, efficiency, compliance, control and privacy that will represent the standard after the Bitcoin revolution.
The advantages due to the implementation of a business model over blockchain with Bcademy will be many:

  • Optimization of company operations
  • Improvement of the services offered
  • Customer enhancement

Case Studies

At the moment our main areas of intervention are:

  • Notarization
  • Payment systems
  • Development of business models over blockchain
  • Energy sector
  • Certification of supply chain steps and training
  • Collection Token and ICO

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